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Honestly, the name was more a working title during the beta testing phase last year, and it just kind of stuck. It can be powered using a common amp circuit meaning contractors are not spending time searching for a high-amp power source. Coleman says he went to work designing the Crap Shooter after working with other portable jetters in his family sewer and drain cleaning business. The jetter features a foot high-pressure hose with quick connect, and two heavy-duty nozzles named the Flusher and the Thruster that enhance the performance of the unit.

Designed to clear up to 3-inch pipes, the unit comes with two faucet adapters for versatility in many applications. Components and hoses can handle up to degree water temperature, and the unit is packed in a heavy-duty case with a carry handle. The total weight of the unit is This jetter is designed to stand up to the rigors of the job, and make life easier for sewer and drain cleaners that need to get into tight spaces.

Coleman says he had many offers to purchase his prototype model on display at the Expo, and the company took several orders. Coleman also signed deals with several distributors during his time at the Expo. We were both doing OK until a youngish looking man decided to shoot. He was with his girlfriend, and throughout the entire time, was telling her mostly false information on the various bets.

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I decided to wait this one out, but Bob popped his pass line bet down again. I folded my arms.

Can’t Knock the Hustle

You're not betting? The way I look at it, some shooters are Hybrid Teas and some are Gallicas.

Andrea looked at me quizzically, but Bob just said "Huh? Don't you remember? Some will shoot numbers every time, but some can barely find the backboard. Like roses, you can't treat them all the same. Some will do well and some won't. Gallicas keep their fragrances for a long time, even after they're cut. And the tea I picked up a green chip. He looks confident, and has lots of chips in his rack.

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He bought in with a marker so he knows how to play. And he only bet red chips on the other shooters, but look, he's betting a green one on himself.

These are good signs! I nodded.

Crap Shooter by BullFrog Industries

He was talking to his girlfriend the whole time he was playing. And he didn't know the basic odds.


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These are bad signs. Craps is the only casino game where you can change the outcome when you are shooting, so a lot of people have practice tables at home. You always have to be on the lookout for good Crapshooters, and bet along with them!

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You can spot them most of the time - they are usually full of confidence, enthusiasm, and excitement! Most on-line casinos offer a sign-up bonus at the time you register with them, and often it's a one shot deal. And you can get it each and every month. This is a great deal.

Lightweight Suitcase Jetter, ‘The Crap Shooter,’ Shines at Pumper & Cleaner Expo

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