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She missed working with Jav, though not that actual job so much. The permanent commission was a damn sight more interesting, not to mention better paid. He was looking to switch jobs too. She always had her ear out for any decent part-time posts within the commission for him. They needed him on their team. She looked up as she heard footsteps—Inspector Solmano, apparently looking at a file and ignoring her. Some crisis I was unaware of? His sharp grey eyes pinned her as he waited for a response.

By then I want your desk straightened, your com off, and you on a bus back to your home. Yes, sir, she said stiffly, closing the folders on her desk and putting them into her filing cabinet.

I prefer my staff to work to live, not live to work. She flushed. Sorry, sir. He looked down his nose at her and tsked. All right. Take at least half, the rest to be taken by mid next-year. I know you want to do well in this job, and we all appreciate your efforts. But I expect my employees to be well-rounded and balanced people. I believe the staff club has some good deals on cheap shared holidays. Look into them. Getting out of this bloody city will do you good.

She maintained a polite demeanour until they parted company outside the building, him to catch a taxi, she to wait at the bus stop, but inside she was fuming. What did he expect her to do, crochet? She was saving up to buy her own apartment. Silence greeted her as it always did. Maybe she should get a cat. Oh, right, she was allergic to cats.

And dogs took up too much room, and fish were There was barely enough room for her in here. Where would she keep a pet anyway? She pulled something out at random, noted it was a lasagne, shoved it in the oven to cook, and decided it was a night for a rare glass of wine.

She had a small store of bottles—gifts, mostly—which she hardly ever touched, but she decided she would treat herself to a fine red, part of a case sent on her last birthday by Ria Kezime. But as she sniffed the fruity bouquet, she forgave her wealthy friend for his better fortune. This evening was hers alone by choice. Jerna smiled, turned in his chair and leaned towards Neras. Show me the word, darling. That means when you get something from your parents. No, more like The purple one with the yellow stones? He stroked her short hair, finally growing back in fine curls.

Yes, darling. Everyone will. He bent and kissed her forehead. He wanted to distract her. Talk of death or illness would do anything but depress her, and right now, it was far too close to the bone for him. He stroked her hair again. You do look a little tired. Have a break for a bit.

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How about we both have some juice and a cookie? All right, but ask Grandmama to get the tray down. No climbing on the chairs. No, I know. Eljira would have wrinkled her nose at his caution, but Neras only nodded seriously at the warning. He smiled as she climbed off the couch and went in search of food. He would happily let her eat as many cookies as she wanted, for the joy of knowing she was going to be there to eat them.

He got up and stretched. He disliked sifting through dozens and dozens of applications, generating a standard refusal for the vast majority.


He opened up the doors onto the sundeck. The earlier rain had cleared. Eljira would be home from school soon, and he might take the girls down to the beach. If he carried Neras back, she should be all right. He could take a couple of hours off without feeling guilty. There was just never enough of him to go around for all the people who loved him and wanted to be with him.

It made him feel needed, of course, but occasionally he felt a little frayed around the edges.

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But not this afternoon. He turned. Neras stood carefully holding a tray, and behind her, trying not to help but still looking worried, was his mother. Oh, thank you, darling. Let me. You and Grandmama sit. You were always greedy for them, she said, smiling at them both. She chucked her granddaughter under her chin. Just like your Papa. Mama, Neras has been learning about the monarchs of Contanza. I thought you might help her. Why, of course, son, she said, looking pleased to be asked.


Needful (Remastering Jerna #3)

His mother, like the rest of them, had been worried sick about Neras for months. Jerna looked at the clock. Getting late in the school day, so perhaps the monarchy of Contanza could wait for another time. The front door banged open, and then footsteps echoed along the hall. His mother looked at Jerna.

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His mother gave him a concerned look, but then smiled at Neras as if there was nothing amiss. Jerna slipped out in search of his other child. Something had happened. He knocked on the door, but got no answer. He pushed it open, to find his daughter sitting on her bed, knees under her chin, sobbing her heart out. Eljira, darling, I need you to calm down. He wiped her face with his handkerchief and kept stroking her hair until the violent sobs abated a little.

Now, start again. Did something happen at school? Did someone hurt you? Eljira had only just started at the senior school, so most of her classmates were new.