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Choose your region. Internet Explorer is not supported before version This website no longer supports any Internet Explorer versions earlier than Written by staff at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. Last modified: May 02, Representation of dates and times. If the Sunsite link is down, use ftp. See the bibliographic entry for full reference information. The first in an announced series of articles.

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The tutorial document was created March 10, , and updated at least as recently as July 25, The project draws on the combined experience of present users of DSSSL, principally those subscribed to the DSSSList mailing list, which also hosts the discussion between project participants. Announcement from May See the database entry for additional details, and the administrative guidelines document [January 04, ]. April 21, Each prototype is followed by the first paragraph of its definition in the standard. Multiple prototypes which share a definition are cross-referenced to the first prototype in the group, which is followed by the summary.

Section numbers are given for all prototypes.

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Property Definitions [Clause 9] , provided by Arjan Loeffen. From the overview of the document : "It is important to understand the implications of James's inclusion of the 'node-property' primitive in Jade 0. Version 1. See the [ mirror copy ]. To produce charnames. See the announcement for version 1.

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Virtually all of XSL as described in the W3C document 'A Proposal for XSL' is supported, although some minor modifications have been necessitated by the exigencies of implementation, all of which are described in detail in material contained in the release.. The toolkit contains three Java packages: dsssl. The current version 1. See also the documentation and download information , 1.

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Automatic Table of Contents Generation is among the enhancements. Or: [ mirror copy ].

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Release of the "Modular DocBook stylesheet 0. Please try them and report back.

ISO 9001 2015 Documented Information

The changes between 0. All of the files in this distribution have been updated to have a version number of 0.

My primary goal in making these changes was to build a common library of code for both the print and HTML stylesheets. To achieve this goal, a great deal of code was moved around and reorganized. In this release, the print and HTML stylesheets have been combined into a single distribution file, in. ZIP format. Version 0. June 24, Uses Jade and Perl. All colors must be specified in a device-independent manner, and consistently within a document. ICC-based color profiles must be embedded. All fonts used must be embedded and also must be legally embeddable for unlimited, universal rendering. All metadata must be represented in XMP.

All metadata properties must use either the predefined schemas defined in Chapter 4 of the XMP Specification , or extension schemas that comply with the XMP Specification. Intended for exchange of engineering documentation in workflows for manufacturing and building. Also used for final-state documentation of designs. The Library of Congress has not yet expressed any format preferences for digital models used as designs or surrogates for 3-dimensional objects.

Depends upon compliant software to render and display. Building tools requires sophistication. Support for embedding granular metadata for parts of a document is good. Use of XMP is mandatory and basic descriptive and identifying metadata uses properties defined in the standard. Fonts and ICC color profiles used must be embedded. No external content is permitted.